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This update allows users to grow to more than a single year during a grow operation. This update only applies to growth using the USFS FVS growth model, and is functional using any variant of FVS.

The user simply enter multiple years, separated by commas, in the "Grow To" dialog box. Previously only a single year was entered. MBGTools will create a separate CURRDATA table for each year specified for growth.


If a user wants to grow to 2012, 2013, 2014, and 2015 then the Grow To dialog box will look like:

​The resulting CURRDATA_2012, CURRDATA_2013, CURRDATA_2014, and CURRDATA_2015 tables will be created in the Access database. Additionally, the CURRDATA table will also represent the latest growth projection, in our example CURRDATA and CURRDATA_2015 will have identical records. Each version of the CURRDATA table will be automatically merchandized, after growth, using the current merchandizing specifications as set by the user in the Settings menu.

Ability to Grow to Multiple Years using FVS