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MBG Tools
MBG Tools is an integrated software system for storing, maintaining, and reporting stand-based forest inventory data and information. MBG Tools was developed by Mason, Bruce & Girard, Inc., and presents all the capabilities of MB&G's Stand Inventory System (SIS), with the following features:

  • A database structure that facilitates stand delineation and naming strategies that do not require stands to break on township and section lines.
  • The ability to compile complex cruise designs featuring a mix of plot types, sizes, and taper routines.
  • Data are stored at the stand, plot, tree and log level. The retention of individual tree detail offers unique opportunities for examining growth, mortality and other functions.
  • Projection and remerchandizing is done on individual trees, as opposed to "average trees" in a stand table.
  • A choice of western U.S. taper systems for tree volume, including Flewelling's eastside and westside taper routines, Wensel and Olsen's taper routines,  the SIS taper system, and the Behre hyperboloid.
  • The availability of tree taper systems for trees in the southern U.S. - Clark et al's SE-282 taper system.
  • Honer's taper function for use in the eastern U.S.
  • A choice of growth models for updating stand inventories, including ORGANON variants, any of the FVS variants, and SPS. On diverse ownerships, different growth models may be used for different stands.
  • Flexibility with regard to identifying source stands and target stands for the process of expanding cruise results to uncruised stands.
  • An extensive depletions editor, facilitating tree removal after partial harvests.
  • An reporting utility featuring Crystal Reports; reports may be imported into MS-Word and MS-Excel documents.
  • MBG Tools is an open system, built around Microsoft Access.
  • Locally calibrated volume and growth functions.
  • Includes ecosystem data such as snags, non-timber vegetation, and down, woody debris.
  • Built in reports which allows user-inputs for customizing reports.
  • Built in tools for importing forest inventory data from MBGCRUZ.
  • Cruise data may be made available in any of several ways, including entered by hand, uploaded from MBGCRUZ, or brought in through a translation program which will vary according tothe source of the data.

Example Reports:

System Requirements:
  • MBG Tools is written in C++, Visual Basic and Fortran.
  • Windows XP, Vista, 7, 8, or 10 operating systems.
  • Although not necessary to have on your computer to run MBG Tools, MBG Tools uses MS-Access as the database for the inventory data. MBG Tools will work with Access 97, Access 2000, Access 2003 and Access 2007, utilizing the .mdb database format. Future versions of MBG Tools will be able to make use of databases other than Access, such as SQL Server.

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