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Stand Summary Statistics Report
The Stand Summary Report has been updated to include basic stand level statistics from compiled cruise data. Users have the ability to print the confidence interval, standard error, and coefficient of variation on the stand summary report for each stand. Choose between a 66%, 80%, 90% or 95% confidence interval. The stand summary statistics are calculated from the compiled cruise data for trees per acre, basal area per acre, total cubic foot volume per acre, gross and net merchantable cubic foot volume per acre, and net board foot volume per acre. Additionally, the number of plots and average number of trees per plot is printed directly on the report. 

Users can generate this report the same way the previous stand summary report was created.

To create the Stand Summary Statistics Report: 
Open the Reports Menu and choose "Stand Summary". The Stand Summary Report Dialog Box will open and the user can choose whether to print the stand summary statistics by clicking on the check box titled "Add Confidence Intervals". If you choose to print the summary statistics then also choose the percent confidence level from one of the four options. In the example below, we will choose to print the summary statistics wtih a 95% Confidence Interval. After you have made all of your choices, click on the "Create Report" button.

​Example Report