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Revision 20180924 - September 24, 2018
  • Update of the Excel import routine to include PlotID.
  • New and improved stats reports, including statistics on the combination of stands selected and cruised.

Revision 20180615 - June 15, 2018
  • Modified the Compile-Ready Report checks to include use of CompCode (e.g. ignores broken top coded trees for out of range height diameter ratios).
  • Added functionality so that if a tree has 0 tpa in INVYDATA, it is not sent to the FVS exe for growth. FVS will return this tree to have a tpa of 1 when in fact it should remain 0 tpa.
  • Enabled use of coefficients from the lkpFLWG tables. Users can now modify these coefficients if they would like. Any changes to the sort order or coefficients in these tables will change your volume at the tree, stand, and property level.
  • Fixed syntax error when using CruiseLogs and Weiskittel or Demaerschalk taper that was causing MBGTools to crash.

Revision - 20180316 - March 16, 2018
  • Added new functionality to run a set of checks on raw cruise data, as populated in the CruiseRecs, that would be run before the data is compiled. Results are included in the Compile-Ready Report. More details here.
​   Enhancement:
  •  Updated the Import from Excel tool to include all columns in the ADMIN table and to include FieldCode to be populated in the CruiseLogs table.

Revision 20171228 - December 28, 2017
  • Added use of the Demaerschalk taper equations and a related metric volume report.
  • Added the ability to export the FVS .out file for each stand grown with FVS.
  • Modified the creation of CURRDATA tables when growing more than 1 year.
  • Added a variance estimator for strata statistics on stands not cruised.
  • Added an option to skip the merchandize routine while growing stands.
    Efficiency Updates:​
  • Cleaned up code within the compile and merchandize routine when including defect by thirds on CruiseRecs table.
  • Cleaned up code associated with the lkpProduct table in the Eastern Merchandizer.
  • Fixed bug within the Import From Excel tool so that MBGTools doesn't crash when more than one sample type was used across stands.​

​Revision 20160302 - March 2, 2016
  • Added functionality to compile tree count and measure plot raw cruise data. More details here.

Revision 28 - August 8, 2014
​   Features:
  • Created ability to import raw cruise data from Microsoft Excel.
  • Added ability for cruise data defect to be compiled and merchandized when collected by thirds of a tree.
  • Added columns in STAND, PlotData, and DBHClass tables for Tons.
  • Added calculation of the standard error of gross board feet to the CruiseStats table.
  • Added functionality to Eastern Merchandizer so that it utilized the lkpSppSubst table. 
  • Fixed bug associated with the Defect Dubbing routine.
  • Fixed bug associated with the Southern US merchandizer, SE282.​

Revision 27 - August 9, 2013
    New Features:
  • Created flexibility on how to calculate age in the Stand Summary Report
  • Added ability to track cruiser initials at the Plot level instead of Stand level on Import From DataPlus routine.
  • Created new Log Stock Report to allow different DIB Classes for each Species Group. More details here.
  • Created ability to grow to multiple years at one time, using FVS. More details here.
  • Updated the Stand Summary Report so that the user can include confidence intervals from the cruise data. More details here.
  • Added functionality to the Eastern Merchandizer to enable the use of Weiskittel taper functions. More details here.
  • The total QMD for all stands, on Group Summary Reports, was fixed on reports that included DBH Classes.​
  • ​A bug was fixed so that the Import From MBGTools Databases imported cruiser initials correctly.
  • The order in which trees were passed to FVS was stabilized to ensure growth is the same every time a user grew a stand.

Revision 26 - November 10, 2011
  • Eastern Merchandizer - fixed bug associated with MBGTools obtaining the minimum DBH from the Settings table and not the lkpProduct table.

Revision 25 - June 13, 2011
  • Fixed bug associated with reading crown ratio from INVYDATA.

Revision 24 - May 5, 2011
  • Eastern Merchandizer - created ability to disable the "log length exceeding the height of tree" so that user can override the error message and accept the data as is.

Revision 23 - April 20, 2011
  • Eastern Merchandizer - created an error message prompt for the user to see when the sum of lengths in CruiseLogs exceeds the total height of a tree.

Revision 22 - April 7, 2011
  • Fixed bug associated with line transect cruise plot. Fix allows more than one stand to be compiled at a time when using line transect plots.

Revision 21 - April 5, 2011
  • Eastern Merchandizer - Added a field in lkpProduct table that allows user to tell the merchandizer to merchandize products that are not included in CruiseLogs table.

Revision 20 - February 15, 2011
  • Eastern Merchandizer - fixed bug that was omitting trees from being merchandized.

Revision 19 - February 9, 2011
  • Special Client - fixed bug associated with selecting stands by Section.
  • Developed protocol that employed Uselist when inserting no tally plots to PlotData table.

Revision 16 - January 21, 2011
  • Eastern Merchandizer - fixed a bug that was causing the any top logs, above height in CruiseLogs, to not get merchandized.

Revision 13 - January 10, 2011
  • Eastern Merchandizer - fixed a bug that was adding duplicate records to LogList table.

Revision 12 - December 6, 2010
  • Modified merchandizer to use the crown ratio from INVYDATA instead of CURRDATA.

Revision 11 - November 17, 2010
  • Update to the CruiseStats table to include number of no tally plots.

Revision 9 - November 5, 2010
  • Updated PlotData table to include number of no tally plots.